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Lawn Choices

Jason Atkins- Feb 2015


I get asked all the time "what is the best choice of grass for this area" and it's a simple answer.

It just depends on what you are expecting your turf to be used for. Usually I hate when someone answers a question with a question, but for this example you really have to ask that question. I recommend planting warm season grasses in this area such as zoysia, centipede or bermuda grass. But with these grasses you will have a dormant period throughout the winter months that will require you to over seed with an annual rye grass in order to keep that lush green apperance. For some, fescue is a good choice. If you have irrigation and a well-drained or slightly shade property this may be a good fit. It will look good throughout the year unless it is extremely dry or hot, but those are two things that you will most definetly deal with by living here in North Carolina. So keep a few things in mind when choosing your lawn material. First, consider available water from irrigation, second, consider drainage and third, what is the year round apperance you are seeking. If you would like a lawn care professional  from here at A.L.M Contracting to stop by and take a look at your lawn, just shoot us an email and we can schedule a time to stop by and take a look.



Latest projects

Jason Atkins-May 2015


It started out a little rocky when we arrived in Jacksonville, NC in February. The weather kept us starting and stopping during this project, one day it would be warm and raining and two days later it may be snowing. Even with all of the weather delays, A.L.M. Contracting's crew got in there and removed over 400 tons of asphalt at three different locations in the highway median in order to form and pour new concrete curbing. Once we got the concrete installed and brought in 250 cubic yards of topsoil we were ready to start the finishing touches of this project, the landscaping. After placing out and planting close to 3000 plants, the Jacksonville Enhancment Project was finally complete. Folks- keep your eyes open while on the roadways running through this great State of ours, because you never know where you may see A.L.M. Contracting and its crew working hard to beautify our State.

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